How to authenticate a Prada Vintage Nylon bag

Having so many luxury channels in the market is very difficult to understand what is real and what is not. Given the unlimited sites that sell constantly items from vintage to new models, I get confused on the source and maybe need days to know if it is worth investing in or is just a small trap technology is offering. Fortunately, technology also offers enough information and sources wherein a few minutes, we can rely upon to make sure before the purchase. This article will be about Prada Nylon vintage handbags, where I would like to list what details make a vintage Nylon Prada being called Real.

First thing first: Check the tessuto fabric. In 1984, Prada introduced the innovative light backpack made of nylon fabric. It was taken by militaries producing parachutes which not only guaranteed the strength of the fabric but also embraced the recycling concept. The famous Italian house has since created totes, clutches, belt bags, and even ready-to-wear with the industrial-strength material. Usually, vintage nylon Prada is made of strong nylon fabric, but sometimes it might be discolored. Don't worry if you see a vintage Prada with these signs! Just the fact that your bag has some discoloration doesn't mean it's fake. Sun, being washed or just dust and dirt, might have caused its color change.

What we strongly recommend checking is the Prada logo. In the fake vs real Prada bag, we can point out how the fake Prada bag has its letters improperly font-weighted. By that, we specifically mean that the fake bag’s letters have different thicknesses, while the letters on the authentic bag’s label have the same font-weight all around the label. Especially, check for A letterhead that must have a font pointed on its left a little bit curved inside. The D letter must have two parallel bones exactly thick. Check out the R letter, where the tail of R should have a space with the head and be a little bit curved. Also, below the name, the logo goes on with the year of creation 1913 and Made in Milano. Letters of Made Milano should be s little bit thick and have an equal space distance between them. There also exists an old edition of vintage Prada where the logo is specifically like in the picture and doesn't comply with these rules by force.

                                 Typical Prada Logo


Vintage Prada logo

Moreover, most of the Prada bags have LAMPO, Ykk, Riri, Opti, and Ipi zippers which are all high quality and you will see how heavy they feel when you weight them by hand.
Finally, all vintage Prada has an interior lining continuously writing Prada while in the inside zipper pocket you will usually find a little white square paper tag with two black numbers written upon. Some Prada bags might not have it anymore because it has fallen or they belong too early. Don't forget they always have a metallic plaque writing the same words as the logo but not the year.

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